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Welcome to another episode of the Liberators Speaks. On this episode Shyaam The Liberator and Friends will discuss 8 major things men should do before the arrival of the Global Economic Collapse, WWW 3, Civil War and or the Zombie Apocalypse. We will discuss

  1. Getting out of the Major Cities,
  2. Acquiring Sustainability,
  3. Acquiring Survival Skills,
  4. Building A Harem,
  5. Getting Healthy,
  6. Acquiring Fighting Skills,
  7. Learning How to Code,
  8. Ascending by way of becoming a Spiritual Master.

We will also discuss the best locations with respects to the pros and cons of where on Earth to prepare. Last but not least we will discuss how Men can create fraternal brotherhoods based upon the preparation for this event and the mechanics of survival groups. Do not miss this thought-provoking, informative and entertaining episode of the Liberator Speaks.

AIRED-MAY 12, 2016


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